Terms & Conditions

1. Cancellation policy:

  • Any cancellation 35 days before arrival date: NO charge (except in case of deposit or issuing the flight tickets to guarantee the seats)
  • Any cancellation between 35 days to 20 days before arrival date: 25% charge
  • Any cancellation between 20 days to 10 days before arrival date: 50% charge
  • Any cancellation less than 10 days: 100% charge

2. Payment policy:

  • Full payment is required soonest possible & at the latest by 35 days before the arrival date (except in case we have a credit agreement)
  • The deposit will be required in case we need to deposit to hotels or airlines
  • The bank fees (transfer fees and correspondence fees are on the sender)

3. Method of payment:

  • By credit card
  • By bank transfer
  • By Paypal
  • By Cash

Please note for any kind of payment: the bank fee is on the sender

Payment due: The special payment deadline will be applied and indicated in specific bookings in tour confirmation. Generally, we request payment at 2 weeks in advance for FIT & 30 days in advance for GIT. In case, we have to deposit to the suppliers to guarantee the service availability, we will request you to settle the deposit to us accordingly

4. Booking process note:

  • Upon receipt of your request or booking, we will immediately send a short notice to acknowledge the receipt
  • We will deal with your requests or bookings and send out our detailed proposal or tour confirmation within 24 hours (or soonest possible) with details of specific terms & conditions

5. Cancellation/ No show

The specific cancellation fee will be indicated in the tour confirmation for specific bookings. This is because each hotel and each supplier apply a different cancellation policy.

Any cancellation due to irresistible reasons such as war, strikes, earthquake.. will be subject to no charge

6. Flights

Please be advised that Flight schedules by Vietnam Airlines are subject to change without prior notice. In case of any flight schedule change, the itinerary will be adjusted accordingly. We will try to guarantee the price and program as confirmed. But we have the case to inform of any incurred surcharges and clients will need to pay for the surcharges to adjust the programs accordingly. Furthermore, we are not responsible for the fact that in case of a flight schedule change clients cannot connect the international flights

7. Warranty

Connek Trip will commit to all the services as confirmed and stated in the tour confirmation. However, we are not responsible for any injuries, loss, or damage borne by clients during their journey due to circumstances beyond Connek Trip‘s control

In case of a passenger falling sick or being hospitalized, Connek Trip shall provide all necessary assistance to the tourists. The tourist shall bear his/her medical expenses and any other incidental expenses

Once we send out tour confirmation, we send all full information on places and destinations; we will not hold any responsibility because these destinations change appearances due to any irresistible reasons. In this case, we will arrange the visit to an alternative with similar costs.

8. Jurisdiction 

Any dispute that cannot be settled on a mutual compromise will be settled at the Connek Trip.