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We are skilled travel specialists in Vietnam. We simplify your travel planning, expertly managing every detail of your journey. From selecting the best flights and accommodations to organizing transfers and...
$15.23 $15.23
Sapa Trekking Half-Day to Rice Field: Lao Chai to Ta Van
  • Surrounding the mountainous area of Sapa is some of the most breathtaking scenery in Vietnam.
  • In addition, there are several ethnic minority hill tribes whose culture and way of...
Sapa Trekking Half-Day Adventure: Matra's Black H'Mong Hill Tribe Village
Explore the Hidden Gems of Sapa!Highlights:
  • Authentic Village Life: Embark on a half-day walk to Ma Tra village, home to the Black H’Mong people. Despite its proximity to Sapa town,...
Ho Chi Minh City: Half-Day Afternoon Adventure
Ho Chi Minh City: Unveiling the Afternoon Charms: Embark on a half-day afternoon adventure that reveals the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Here’s what awaits you:Cho Lon (Big Market)...
Sapa Trekking (Half-day) Adventure: Exploring Hoang Lien National Park: Cat Cat to Y Linh Ho
Discover the Heart of Sapa’s Majestic Mountains and Rich Culture! ️‍♂️Surrounded by the mountainous beauty of Sapa lies some of Vietnam’s most breathtaking scenery. But it’s not just the landscapes that...

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Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, three jewels of Southeast Asia, are renowned for their stunning landscapes, rich history, and unique cultures. Each of these countries offers a rich tapestry of experiences, from historical exploration and natural wonders to cultural immersion, making them must-visit destinations for travelers seeking beauty and depth in their journeys.

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Customize your journey with the assistance of our team of travel enthusiasts, deeply familiar with Vietnam's natural and cultural attractions. Born and raised in this land, they possess extensive knowledge of every corner. Count on them to provide the latest information about each destination, ensuring you enjoy unforgettable experiences during your trip.

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Our local experts guarantee top-notch experiences by meticulously selecting and directly assessing the quality of services provided by our supplier partners.

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Your personal and payment information is safeguarded with the highest security measures. Our payment partners, including Paypal and Onepay, adhere to PCI compliance standards, ensuring the protection of financial data during payment processing and storage. Additionally, we offer multiple payment options such as cash, bank transfer, and some e-wallets. You can easily book directly through our website or reach out to us for personalized booking assistance.

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We excel in sourcing flights at the most competitive prices, enabling you to minimize expenses throughout your journey. Additionally, we furnish transparent pricing details for hotels, transportation, and activities, empowering you to tailor your choices according to your preferences and budget.

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Rose Tran

"As your travel planner, Infused with a sense of adventure and a deep passion for local culture, I am eager to assist you in creating an extraordinary trip to Vietnam"

Chris Ho

"During 8 years in both tour operator role or tourism consultant role, each day, I ensure all my customers have a seamless trip before I can rest and sleep"

Phuong Nguyen

"Travel holds a magical ability to strengthen our vital relationships—whether within family, with our partners, or among friendships. Therefore, our goal is to assist our customers in achieving their ultimate experience in Vietnam"

Tra Vo

"Seeking to steer clear of scams, save ample time vetting services, and navigate the abundance of options when organizing your Vietnam trip independently? My passion lies in resolving the challenges associated with the lengthy process of travel planning and booking"

Phuoc Sam

Every itinerary I design becomes a personalized adventure for my customers, brimming with exciting discoveries and a touch of inspiration. The most rewarding part is witnessing customer delight through glowing reviews and repeat bookings, knowing I helped create unforgettable memories. My passion for exploration thrives alongside my meticulous planning. This unique blend allows me to lose myself in crafting the perfect itinerary, ensuring every detail is in place for an extraordinary, worry-free adventure.

Phuong Do

"With two decades in the tourism sector, enduring the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, I've never contemplated a career shift. The daily delight and contentment of my clients on their travels are the simple joys that fuel my dedication."

Anh Tu Nguyen

"I possess extensive experience in guiding diverse tourist groups from various nations. Regardless of the intricacy of their needs, I ensure a seamless and meticulously planned journey."

Trang Pham

"The aspect of my role as a travel specialist that thrills me the most is the constant novelty. Every trip is a unique narrative co-authored and directed by myself and the client. My goal is to facilitate a travel experience that's not just seamless, but also rich in emotional depth and resonance."

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At CONNEK TRIP, we specialize in crafting personalized tour plans and travel itineraries, focusing on providing immersive cultural experiences that explore the depths of Indochina’s vibrant heritage.


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