Visa Requirements
Laos is a fantastic destination, but before you pack your bags, you'll want to sort out your visa. If you're not eligible for VOA or planning an extended stay, you can apply for a tourist visa at a Lao embassy or consulate in advance. This typically allows you 30 days of exploration. For some nationalities, Laos offers e-visas. You can apply for these online before your journey, making the process smoother than a freshly paved road.
Languages spoken
Currency used
Laotian Kip
230 V
Country dialling code
Time Zone

Laos, often regarded as the hidden gem of Southeast Asia, is a land of serene beauty and spiritual enrichment. Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an enchanting city with golden temples and colonial-era buildings. The Bolaven Plateau is known for its stunning waterfalls, lush vegetation, and coffee plantations. For adventurers, the limestone karst landscape of Vang Vieng offers opportunities for rock climbing and river activities. The Mekong River, flowing through the country, provides unique river cruise experiences and a chance to witness rural life along its banks.


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