The Beauty Of Northern Vietnam: A 7-Day Journey Exploring The Land Of The Ancestors

Ha Giang

Northern Vietnam, where the unique values of history, culture, and nature converge, has always been an enticing destination for both domestic and international travelers. The 7-day, 6-night itinerary below from Connek Trip will take you on an unforgettable journey to the land of the ancestors, allowing you to discover the quintessential beauty and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

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Days 1 & 2: Hanoi – Millennium Capital of Civilization

The journey begins in Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam, where ancient values ​​of history and culture are preserved.

– Explore Hoan Kiem Lake, the symbol of the capital with its romantic and mysterious beauty, where visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant life of the city.
– Stroll through the Temple of Literature, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, honoring scholarship and the tradition of learning in Vietnam, to learn about the country’s educational history.
– Discover Dong Xuan Market, the bustling and vibrant hub of Hanoi, where visitors can find everything from souvenirs to local specialties, immersing themselves in the traditional trading culture of Hanoi.
– Indulge in the renowned specialties of Hanoi such as Pho Bat Dan, Bun Cha Hang Manh, and Cha Ca La Vong, experiencing the authentic flavors of the city.


Days 3 & 4: Sapa – City in the Mist and Volunteer Village

Away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, travelers will set foot in Sapa, a misty town nestled amidst majestic mountains, where they can enjoy the fresh air and stunning natural landscapes.

– Experience the journey on the Fansipan mountain railway, the “roof of Indochina,” conquering the highest peak in Vietnam and admiring the magnificent and majestic natural scenery, feeling the pride of the nation and the broad vision of the country.
– Explore Cat Cat Village, where visitors can learn about the culture and life of the H’Mong ethnic people, visiting unique stilt houses and immersing themselves in the sounds of khen (a traditional musical instrument) and the colorful costumes of the ethnic minorities.
– Shop at Sapa Market, where exquisite handicrafts and local specialties are displayed, allowing visitors to purchase unique souvenirs for family and friends.
– Enjoy the specialities of Sapa such as salmon hotpot, a dish with the sweet taste of salmon blended with the sour and spicy flavors of the broth, offering a unique culinary experience; Thang Co, a traditional dish of the H’Mong ethnic group with distinctive flavors and unique preparation; and bamboo-cooked rice, a rustic dish cooked in bamboo tubes, offering a fragrant and chewy taste.


Days 5 & 6: Ha Giang – Legendary Land of Love and Courage

Continuing the journey, travelers will arrive in Ha Giang, known as the “land of the ancestors,” famous for its winding mountain passes and majestic natural scenery.

– Conquer the Quan Ba Heaven Gate, where visitors can admire the magnificent scenery of the mountains and the sky, feeling the grandeur and magnificence of the Northwest’s nature.
– Explore the Dong Van Karst Plateau, where unique historical and cultural relics of ethnic minorities are preserved, learning about the history and culture of the ethnic minorities in Ha Giang.
– Experience the unique cultural life of ethnic minorities in Ha Giang, immersing yourself in traditional dances, enjoying local specialties, and learning about the customs and traditions of the local people.
– Enjoy the specialties of Ha Giang such as Dong Van rolled cake, a dish with the chewy texture of rolled cake, the fatty and fragrant taste of minced meat, and the sour taste of the broth; Aau tau porridge, a porridge dish with the sweet taste of Aau tau, the rich and fatty taste of green beans, and the fragrant taste of sticky rice; colorful sticky rice, a dish with vibrant colors from natural leaves, offering a fragrant and special flavor.

Ha Giang
Ha Giang

Day 7: Hanoi – End of the Journey

Returning to Hanoi, travelers can spend time shopping for souvenirs at famous markets such as Dong Xuan Market, Hang Da Market, and Buoi Market, searching for unique items that bear the mark of Hanoi.
Relax at a spa to rejuvenate after a long journey, enjoying massage services, steam baths, and sauna to relax both body and mind.
Say goodbye to Hanoi and end the journey with beautiful memories and unforgettable experiences of the northern Vietnam, a land that preserves the unique values of history, culture, and nature.


  • This itinerary is for reference only, travelers can adjust it according to their preferences and time.
  • It is advisable to book flights, hotels, and other services before traveling to avoid availability issues or high prices.
  • Carry sufficient personal documents, cash, and ATM cards to ensure smooth payment and shopping.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather and places of visit, and comfortable shoes for easy movement.
  • Respect local culture and protect the environment, maintain cleanliness, and avoid littering.

Additionally, travelers can also explore other famous tourist destinations in northern Vietnam such as:

  • Ninh Binh: Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Bai Dinh Pagoda.
  • Lang Son: Mau Son Mountain, Tam Thanh Cave.
  • Cao Bang: Ban Gioc Waterfall, Pac Bo Cave.
  • Bac Kan: Ba Be Lake, ATK Dinh Hoa Historical Site.
  • Tuyen Quang: Go Lao Lake, Tả Phủ Temple.

Wishing you a pleasant and memorable journey to explore northern Vietnam!

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